• Requiem, Lifesize Raven 2020Few Birds capture the human imagination more than the Raven. Capturing the essence of one's subject in carving and painting is the ultimate challenge.
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"Covid19 in 2021"
Update from Floyd April 8

Hello my Carving friends and family! Regarding our May, June and July seminars,  I have held off as long as possible hoping for a miracle.   Sorry to break the news, but It ain't happening…

Due to so many factors related to the current state of the Covid pandemic and decisions regarding travel to and from Vermont, the new and dangerous variants of the virus, closed borders, dining, lodging and social distancing, etc…etc…etc…  I just can't proceed in the upcoming months.

BUT FEAR NOT !!    Come "Hell or High Water" we will be open for business in September, October and November! continue...

Class Schedule

Classes for 2021 are posted and filling up quickly! If you are considering a class, please don't hesitate to confirm your participation. Check out the schedule.

Interested in a Floyd Scholz Original?

Floyd welcomes the opportunity to discuss your project.

Ward 2021 Status

Unfortunately, the April Ward World Championships will not take place once again in Ocean City.

Attempts are being made to conduct a "Virtual Event" and I wish them luck in doing so.

PRS Snarling TigerPRS Snarling Tiger

Floyd has embarked into a new carving arena that adds fulfillment to his love for music and instruments that make beautiful sound, PRS Guitars.