• Requiem, Lifesize Raven 2020Few Birds capture the human imagination more than the Raven. Capturing the essence of one's subject in carving and painting is the ultimate challenge.
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2023 Vermont Raptor Academy Seminars
Update from Floyd Feb. 24

WELCOME to 2023!! It's a new year of optimism, hope, and happy carving for all! I am really excited to offer up some great birds this year as seminar subjects for one and all! Carving and painting together at the Hampton Inn in Bennington has been nothing short of INCREDIBLE! The facility, staff and surroundings are the best anyone could hope for! I LOVE teaching there, and the feedback from all who have shared in the experience has been overwhelmingly positive!!

Bird Carving IS alive and well at the VERMONT RAPTOR ACADEMY! I look forward to welcoming you so please consider joining us for a life changing experience! continue...

Class Schedule

Classes for 2023 are posted and filling up quickly! If you are considering a class, please don't hesitate to confirm your participation. Check out the schedule.

Interested in a Floyd Scholz Original?

Floyd welcomes the opportunity to discuss your project.

Carving Featured

Cover of Wildfowl Carving magazine Spring 2023I am so proud to have my latest masterwork carving of a lifesize Great Horned Owl in flight titled "Pursuit" featured in the upcoming Spring 2023 issue of Wildfowl Carving Magazine!

PRS Snarling TigerPRS Snarling Tiger

Floyd has embarked into a new carving arena that adds fulfillment to his love for music and instruments that make beautiful sound, PRS Guitars.