• "Life, Legacy & Love," A Maple Burl Carving for Big Papi"Life, Legacy & Love," A Maple Burl Carving for Big Papi
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Happy New Year fellow bird and art lovers!

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act which offered federal protection to wild birds of all shapes and sizes.

2018 is the YEAR of the BIRD so let's celebrate!

There has never been a better time to come and join me in celebrating the beauty and majesty of the wonderous creatures.

As you'll discover when you peruse the 2018 Vermont Raptor Academy schedule, Owls will be the stars of the show! Life-size Barn Owls will "book-end" this year's offerings... continue...

Class Schedule

Classes for 2018 are filling up quickly! If you are considering a class, please don't hesitate to confirm your participation. Check out the schedule.

Interested in a Floyd Scholz Original?

Floyd welcomes the opportunity to discuss your project.

Ward 2018Dignity

Floyd will present a Signature Lecture, "Carving and painting Eagles and other large Birds of Prey," in the Performing Arts Center on Friday April 27, 2018, and enter his life-size bald eagle, Dignity, into the World Championships.

Colleague's Book!!

Talons in the Sky BookFloyd was honored to write the forward for "Talons in the Sky," by photographer Steve Maslowski. Looking closely at eagles, hawks, and owls, the great hunters of the avian world, this book is a great reference for bird enthusiasts and carvers alike.